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Social Green Foundation


Social Green Foundation Team is committed to create strong and independent society without
inequalities, discrimination and where everybody enjoys equal opportunities.

2021 – We first started our Journey
2021 – Recognized by the state
2022 – Grow to over 100 volunteers
2022 – Became part of Women’s Rights
2024 – plans TO BecOme a global volunteer
In pursuit of a society devoid of inequalities and discrimination, the Social Green Foundation ardently commits to championing equal opportunities for all. Our vision revolves around cultivating a robust and independent community where individuals, irrespective of background, relish the same chances for success. We are dedicated to dismantling barriers that impede progress, working tirelessly to create an inclusive landscape that fosters equality.

At the core of our mission is the meticulous design of programs that serve as bridges, effectively closing educational gaps and empowering individuals across diverse spectrums. By ensuring access to quality learning experiences, we strive to holistically empower everyone, laying the foundation for a fair and inclusive society. Through these initiatives, we aim to create a transformative impact, breaking down societal barriers and fostering an environment where equal opportunities are not just a goal but a lived reality.

Join us in our journey towards building a future where equality prevails, and every individual, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to flourish and contribute to a thriving, harmonious society. Together, we can pave the way for a brighter and more inclusive tomorrow.


Food Nutrition & Health Sustainable Livelihood
Environment & Energy
Agriculture & Food Security
Water Audit
Medicinal Plant
Yoga & Sports
Waste Management
Disaster Management
Other Social Activity
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At Social Green Foundation, we are driven by a shared commitment to creating positive and lasting change in underprivileged rural communities. Our talented team is composed of individuals with diverse skills, backgrounds, and a common passion for empowering those in need.

Smt. Sheela Mishra (M.A. | L.L.B.)
Smt. Sonali Mishra (B.A. | D.L.E.D.)
Adya Kumar Sharma
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